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A few words to describe REXPO. It's just Pure Reptile the way it's supposed to be. How is that good for vendors?  Because we only let Herpers vend... it translates to only Herpers attending.  Everyone is there to buy reptiles...that's how we roll.

We aren't pretty. We don't do pretty. We do reptiles and that started underground. We like the primal edgy feel and we embrace it. Concrete, brick, mortar, aged wood and just solid to the core. That's our facility. It's a fortress.. seriously... it's a fortress. Our Facility used to be home to the United States Military.  We feel if it was good enough for the men and women that protect our country then it's perfect for REXPO. Afterall, the only thing that can contain the beast known as REXPO is a fortress.

Herpetoculture for Herpers by Herpers.  If you are not a Reptile, Amphibian, or Invertebrate Vendor you can't vend at REXPO.  Our mission is pure herpetoculture. Delivering anything less to our fan base would be deviating from our promise. Please note: If you send payment and aren't a Herpetoculture affiliated vendor we will promptly send your money back. We are 100% true to our mission. Herpetoculture Only.

Open Floor Plan
REXPO is wide open.  Well over one acre wide open. We love our wide open floor plan so much that we decided not to separate anyone using pipe and drape. The vendors hanging together is part of what makes REXPO ...well REXPO.  At REXPO you get 360 degrees of Herpetoculture.  Nothing to block the view of your location (customers will find you) such as pipe and drape, no pillars in the way, and we certainly have no annex or offset rooms away from the public. Every location has the same opportunity to showcase their product. Wide open means wide open and you'll see when you get there.

Yup we did that, we are throwing out a corporate buzz word because we don't have another word for it.  REXPO's culture is unmatched.  It's fun, exciting, energized, and most of all it's a huge reptile family. Come hang with us and let's REXPO.  

Experience REXPO..!
Table Purchase

*Tables are 8 feet long and $75 each.

*Tables must be dressed along with professional presentation at all times.

*PayPal and all major credit cards accepted. Enter quantity and click cart to purchase.
Immediate availability
$ 75.00(VAT incl.)
REXPO Hoodie
Immediate availability
$ 50.00(VAT incl.)
Immediate availability
$ 20.00(VAT incl.)
Where To Find REXPO

REXPO | Reptile Expo and Convention
Main Street Armory
900 East Main Street
Rochester, New York 14605

EMAIL: info@REXPO.info

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